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GET FIT & POLE started as an Online Congress for 8 days about pole dance and topics related to pole introduced by international stars of the pole dance world in  March 2020.

Now we made it our mission to bring you a super fun unique POLE, CHAIR and FLOORWORK training experience !

Go check out our Instagram account for FREE training challenges: HERE

We bring amazingly talented trainers from all over the World together to give you the best training whenever and wherever you want. Our training compilations bring you the best of many Worlds.

We are happy if you join us !


About the GFP Online Congress 2020


The GFP Online Congress 2020 is the Start Up package for everybody who wants to dive deep into pole dance.


People who are interested in pole dance get knowledge and tutorials.

Basic knowledge about what you need for training pole at home and at a studio.

It shows different styles of pole dance with the emphasis on the additional benefits the training can bring to you and your life like body awareness, self-esteem, self-love, community and the unique expression of oneself.

Participants will be able to choose from a variety of tutorials to start their pole dance journey or get some new training inspiration when they are already on their journey to intermediate pole dance level and will be provided with their unique training program.

It’s for complete beginners to (already) intermediate polers.

GET FIT & POLE is NOT a traditional tutorial website.

The material of the online congress is more a START-UP package to get pole beginners started and an INSPIRATION COOKIE for intermediate polers.


Online congress program includes every day (slight variations)


° Theme of the Day

° Warm Up

° Workout Beginner

° Workout Intermediate

° Pole basics/conditioning


° Interview Pole Star of the Day

° Pole tutorial for Beginner

° Pole tutorial for Intermediate


° Stretching

° How To – Knowledge piece of the day

° Specials (Chair workout/ Flying pole / Workout with rubber band)

WHY are we doing this ?!


We want to present the beauty of this sport - What pole dance is and that it can be much more than just a sport which strengthens, forms and makes you flexible from your fingertips to your toes.

This training can bring more than ‘only’ physical exercise to your life:

Self-acceptance, self-love, self-esteem, creativity, connection to yourself and others.

The strength, flexibility, endurance and ability to overcome your fears can be transferred to other areas of your life.


We want to offer a big bag full of knowledge, love, fun, insight and 'How to' for people who are interested to try pole dance and show where to start.

With the material of the online congress you are able to start your pole dance journey right away.

The material and tutorials are tailored to accompany polers from beginners to intermediate.


We love to educate about different pole dance styles and the huge variety there is.


We want to bring intercontinental flavour to German speaking countries and to strengthen the pole community connections overseas.

It is a big family - Join us !

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