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Heidi Coker Pole Dance

Heidi Coker

Heidi is a leader in what it means to embody authenticity, positivity and creativity. By standing confidently in her own truth and uniqueness Heidi empowers others to do the same. 

Heidi believes in being connected to and harnessing inner strength, creativity and uniqueness. It is through exploration that we ignite the courage to embrace who we are!
Heidi is well known for taking powerful moves, adapting them to pole and making them possible. Nothing is impossible to Heidi, it’s about breaking down the technique and coming up with a format to teach and perform a technically sound move.
Her mission is to empower people to embrace their vulnerability, live with courage, an open heart and to be curious about their potential both on and off the pole.

'I love to spend time hanging out with kitties, working in my garden, and exploring outdoors. Spending time in my kitchen is my favorite meditation! I also love to learn and study about energy, mindfulness and how our brains work!!'



IG: @heidicoker

FB: heidicokerpoleartist

Learn with Heidi Coker Pole dance online
Learn with Heidi Coker Pole Dance Online
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