Anne Eyer : In Pole Dance, Anne adopts in her style figures of flexibility and risky transitions in the pole, standing out as an athlete and pole tricker and giving several workshops in Brazil.


She has several invitations to presentations at important events such as Pole Classique, WeGon, Acro Dança and Curitiba Pole Arte, as a judge.


Anne is also WeGon's Highlighted National Athlete of the years 2018 and 2019, and also Highlighted Athlete 2019 at ExPole and participated in several championships, where she stood out in the Pole Drama, category in which she was on the podium twice, in Aero Dance Show.


Chair Dance, like the Aerial Pole, entered her repertoire through her passion for acrobatics, and Anne quickly stood out for the fluid, strong and unusual transitions in the chair, developing her Acro Chair Dance course.

Find ANNE:

IG: @anne.eyer

Anne Eyer