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We want to spread the awareness what a beautiful sport pole dance and related training like Chair Dance, Acro Chair and Floorwork are and how those can help you grow in many areas of your life.


Dear polers and future polers...

Of course, sign up for our free tutorials & online congress, join our free challenges on Instagram and train with us for free on our YouTube channel and enjoy!

You can sign up here on this website.

Moreover you can follow us on Instagram. We have free challenges for you to join throughout the year.

If you like what you see it is appreciated if you purchase our training packages, that makes sure everybody who put their love, time and energy into this project gets rewarded.

Moreover if you do, you make it possible for us to do more free online events and fun projects in the future, yay!

Yes, recommend us to family, friends and colleagues! Polers and future polers.

Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our youtube channel and newsletter.

If you think one of our videos/posts is pretty cool feel free to share and let us know.

IG: getfitandpole

YouTube: Get Fit & Pole




If you are part of the pole industry or think your product/service is interesting to pole people please contact us via email.


You have a community and want to help spread the message and get rewarded?

- You can become an affiliate partner.

Contact us for further information.

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