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Rika Torres Pole Dance

Rika Torres

Rika is a Japanese Pole, Zouk and Salsa dancer.

Born in the US but raised in Japan, Rika has always enjoyed trying new activities. She has been very athletic, artistic and creative since she was growing up in Kyoto.


She fell in love with dance when she encountered salsa dancing in Hawaii, and has been hooked ever since. After years of social dancing and performing salsa, she sought new hobbies and discovered pole dancing.

For the past eight years she has trained in pole dancing and has been teaching for the last four years. Rika loves the dance, which she also considers a sport and likes to spread the love by training others.


Rika's views on pole dancing are that it can be dramatic, acrobatic, exotic, or any combination. Because pole dancing is contemporary, she encourages students to make it their own. She emphasizes that pole is beautiful not only because it requires strength and flexibility but also because it encourages grace and flow.

ElevatED certified

2017 - Pacific Pole Championship Competitor

(Entertainment, Level 4), Los Angeles

2019 - 1st Place Pacific Pole Championship

(Championship, Level 4), Los Angeles

Find RIKA:

IG: @lunalila

Train with Rika torres Pole Dance Floorwork Chair Dance Acro Chair
Train with Rika Torres Pole Dance Floorwork Chair Dance Acro Chair
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