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Dineke Minten Pole Dance

Dineke Minten

In 2014 Dineke started training pole several times a week and she hasn’t stopped ever since.


More and more she started to realize that this was more than a sport or hobby for her. Teaching classes, training herself, creating her own performances, she couldn’t imagine her life without pole dance in it anymore.

As an athlete Dineke combined teaching herself with learning from professionals all over the world.

Her dedication and passion are characteristic, both as an athlete and a teacher.

Dineke is known for her handstands, power moves and fearless pole tricks. She can take your breath away by her tricks and amaze you with her power. But she’s more than muscled body and fearless mind. With every performance she does, she tells a story. From the first until the last second she will draw your attention.

Besides being a professional athlete herself, she is also a successful trainer and coach. She is a graduated movement specialist with a passion for teaching.


With all her energy and knowledge, she will help you to become the best pole dancer you can be.  


IG: @dinekeminten

Train with Dineke Minten Pole Dance Online
Train with Dineke Minten Pole Dance Online
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